CALEA Accreditation

CALEA.pngThe men and women of the Surprise Police Department take pride in complying with the internationally recognized police standards set forth by CALEA. The SPD compliance has resulted in our:

  • Development of a standardized set of comprehensive, well thought-out written directives/policies,
  • Advanced capability to generate reports and analyses to make informed management decisions,
  • Enhanced relationship with the community,
  • Higher level of SPD accountability,
  • Reduction of liability and risk exposure, and
  • SPD culture characterized by the relentless pursuit of excellence.
After achieving initial accreditation in 2007, the SPD staff continued its commitment to excellence and continual improvement. In November 2013, this commitment was rewarded with a third review and successful reaccreditation. SPD personnel do not view CALEA accreditation as an exercise in meeting paperwork requirements, but rather a commitment to building a solid foundation for developing a world-class police agency. In maintaining compliance with more than 400 law enforcement standards, we have the confidence that the Surprise Police Department accomplishes its safety and security mission consistently, competently, equitably, and professionally.

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