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  1. Local
  2. State Incentives
Economic Development Fund
The City will consider utilizing city funds to assist projects that provide major community benefits, such as employment, new tax revenue, or capital investment. Funds may be used for such purposes as infrastructure, training, payment of fees and permitting costs, and street improvements.
Expedited Permitting
Qualified projects are eligible for the City’s expedited plan review process for permitting and will be assigned a project liaison.
Enterprise Zone
The City is part of the Western Maricopa Enterprise Zone, which provides employment tax credits and, in some cases, property tax reclassification.
The City is willing to consider the use of the Government Property Lease Excise Tax program (GPLET) for major employment projects. GPLET allows for reduction of property taxes. In redevelopment areas of central business districts, property taxes can be reduced for a period of time by 100%.
Foreign Trade Zone
The City is willing to support the utilization of a Foreign Trade Zone to assist companies that import goods from foreign companies to reduce their tariff and tax obligations. In Arizona, companies in foreign trade zones, can take advantage of a special property tax reclassification.
Redevelopment Area
The City has a redevelopment area that encompasses its masterplanned central business district. This designation allows for the use of several tools to encourage business development.
Original Townsite Infill Incentive
The City has declared the square mile known as the Original Townsite as an infill incentive district. Qualifying commercial developments shall receive a 100 percent waiver of building permit and building plan review fees. Specifics of the plan can be found in Section 122-37 of the Surprise Municipal Code.
Community Facilities Districts
A community facilities district (“CFD”) provides a mechanism to finance construction and/or acquisition of public infrastructure that benefits the real property in the district and its owners. If necessary, it also provides a mechanism for the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure and can be utilized by the City to provide enhanced municipal services to the district.
Business Improvement Districts
A Business Improvement District (BID) is a public/private sector partnership in which property and business owners of a defined area elect to make a collective contribution to the maintenance, development and marketing/promotion of their commercial district.
Small Business Assistance Program
Through the SBAP, Surprise offers one-on-one coaching and counseling to existing and would-be entrepreneurs, helping them establish business plans and access private and public resources.