Internal Audit Plans

FY2016-17 Annual Audit Plan

Activities Department Objective
Citywide Continuous Monitoring Program Citywide Implement process to monitor high-risk transactions/activities on continuous bases.
Recreation Programs Community & Recreation Services (CRS) To determine whether CRS has established adequate controls over programming and registration to ensure operations are effectively and efficiently managed.
Police Property & Evidence Police Administration Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of controls over safeguarding and protecting Police property and evidence.
Contract Management Human Service & Community Vitality Assess controls over the  process used to hire contractors to perform work related to department programs.
Cash Handling Citywide Determine if adequate controls are in place to safeguard and protect cash.
Follow Up Audits
Stadium Concessions Rpt. #2016-2 CRS Assess the status of audit recommendations.
Citywide Procurement Cards Rpt. #2016-3 Citywide Assess the status of audit recommendations.