Public Safety Projects // $34 Million

  1. Public Safety Evidence & Readiness Center

    Public Safety Evidence & Readiness Center

    Design and construction of a police property and evidence facility, that will also accommodate centralized storage of police and fire emergency equipment and supplies. Facility is planned to be approx. 29K SF, built on city-owned land at 134th and Foxfire drives. The current police property and evidence facility is rapidly reaching capacity limits. This new facility is planned to accommodate 30 years of community growth. Cost: $9 million.

  2. Police Training Facility

    Police Training Facility

    This project will repurpose the existing police property and evidence facility into a police training facility on Litchfield Road, north of Bell Road. This 8,500 SF facility will be renovated to incorporate defensive tactics rooms, use-of-force and de-escalation training simulation, locker rooms, and classroom and administrative spaces. Cost: $1.9 million.

  3. Land for Future Fire/PD Station & Park

    Land for Future Fire/PD Station & Park

    Acquire 16 acres of land, while it’s available, for future location of shared Police Substation/Fire Station and local park in city's growing southwest portion. Cost: $3 million.

  4. Permanent Fire Station 304

    Permanent Fire Station 304

    Design and construction of a new permanent District Fire Station along 163rd Avenue, just south of Happy Valley Road. This Fire Station will replace the temporary station currently located at the intersection of 163rd Avenue and Happy Valley Road. This new facility will be approx. 18K SF with multiple bays to accommodate an Engine, Ladder Company, Ambulance and Battalion Chief. Cost: $8.6 million.

  5. Fire Station 308

    Fire Station 308

    Design and construction of a new Fire Station at the southeast corner of Litchfield Road and Cactus Road, in a growing area of the city that is also home to an industrial park. This service area is currently supported by two other city fire stations and El Mirage Fire. This new 14K SF station would lessen the need for out-of-area emergency response, which may result in lower response times for all stations. Station will include space for an ambulance and a Hazardous Materials unit to serve the city's industrial complex. The cost includes the purchase of a Fire Engine. Cost: $7.1 million.

  6. Public Works Operations Facility

    Public Works Operations Facility

    Design and construct a new approx. 44K SF facility, next to the water plant at Cactus and Litchfield roads, to consolidate and centralize the city's fleet operations (including support of public safety vehicles, equipment, and apparatus), solid waste management, street operations, and traffic sign and signal operations. Cost: $4.4 million.